Years from now, with the ravages of the Obama administration having torn apart the fabric of our country, Obama’s name and actions will be found in our history books, where your children and grandchildren will read about a man who made it his mission to divide everyday Americans. And they will ask you what you did when these events

took place.

They will ask you what you did when he used the IRS to target

conservative nonprofits.

They will ask you what you did when he took Israel, the only beacon of democracy in the Middle East, and spit on the loyalty they show to freedom on a global scale.

They will ask you what you did when his administration ignored requests for increased security in Benghazi and then blamed the deaths of four Americans on a YouTube video.

They will ask you what you did when his administration allowed Russia to increase their aggression on the

world stage. 

They will ask you what you did when the President derided the U.S. judiciary, used his Department of Justice as a tool to target police departments across the country, destroyed the health care market, stomped on religious freedom and used the highest political office in the land to divide along

racial lines.

And when they ask these questions, what will

you answer?

Will you tell them that you supported the actions taken by this administration because it was all done with good intentions?

Will you tell them that it was bad, but the Republicans were racist?

Will you tell them that you were simply saving your criticisms for a president with an (R) next to

their name?

Or will you instead tell them that you fought against blind loyalty to politicians based on their party? Will you tell them that you stood against bad actions in your own party, instead of simply joining the easy opposition?

And when they look up from their history books at a country with ever-increasing divides, will you tell them that you sat by and cheered as “your guy” made

his contributions?

Or will you tell them, Professor May, that President Trump was the result of President Obama, and that we must unite under a common set of values so that we can move beyond divisive politics in order to bridge the ever-growing divide we face?

Because God-willing, someday I will tell my children that.

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