Dahvier and Will

Dahvier Alston, a junior political science major, and Will Galloway, a sophomore political science major, come together from different backgrounds and aspirations to make a “Clemson for ALL.” Access, learning and lifestyle are at the center of their campaign.

You can easily find Alston and Galloway at Chick-Fil-A where many of their core campaign ideas are discussed. 

“I personally would like a full service Chick-Fil-A that takes gift cards,” Alston commented. 

Despite their mutual love for chicken, Alston prefers the sixth floor of Cooper Library over Galloway’s quiet first floor. In addition to library preferences, Alston and Galloway have two different Clemson experiences that come together to make them a unique candidate pair.

As a first generation college student, Alston recalls the opportunities he’s been given to help improve the Clemson community. 

“I’ve always said that if I can make Clemson a place that’s even one percent easier to navigate for the next 18-year-old student that was in my place, I can leave here knowing I’ve done my job. When I graduate here, I want it to be a better place than when I came,” he said.

Galloway is also passionate about the relationships and people that make up Clemson, and his favorite part about being a Clemson student is the unparalleled sense of community he has found here.

“The Clemson family has always been real to me, and I want to make sure everyone on this campus can experience that,” Galloway said.

Alston and Galloway remember meeting each other while serving on CUSG Senate last year where they shared a vision of a Clemson where every student got the support and resources they needed from the university. Looking at their platform will show what they’re passionate about changing and improving on campus.

Centered around pushing towards a “Clemson for ALL,” Alston and Galloway plan to prioritize every student and their importance to the university. With each individual experience, they hope to hear student’s concerns and give accessible resources to students who need them. 

The idea of a Clemson for every student truly outlines their campaign, which plans to tackle issues regarding access, learning and lifestyle on campus.

“Every student here is important and their experiences are valuable, so this university should be a place where that is put as a priority,” Alston said.

The pair highlights the expansion in access to mental health support at Clemson and how each student should feel worthy and accepted on campus. They hope that every student can get what they need out of Clemson and feel that resources are available to them. 

“The idea of access - making sure that everyone gets what they need out of Clemson - is my favorite part of our platform,“ Galloway said.

Together, they are determined to use their genuine love for their university to build a “Clemson for ALL.”

“This university has given us so much, that if we don’t try to pour back into it, we’d be doing it a disservice,” Alston said.

For more information on the candidates visit their Instagram @dahvierwill2020. There will also be continued coverage from The Tiger through elections. 

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