On a normal day, both Jonathan Gundana, a junior mechanical engineering major, and Emma Canedo, a junior nursing major, enjoy early mornings on Clemson’s campus.

“I usually like to plan out my day in the morning so I’ll…find a spot on campus where I can write down everything that I need to get done for the day,” Gundana said. “I … get done with [classes] around 2 p.m. After classes I always try to get lunch with a friend.”

Once Gundana’s day is nearing an end, he spends time getting his work done and hanging out with his friends, “striving to end [his] day being around the ones that [he loves] the most at Clemson.” 

As for Canedo, she takes a different approach to the start of her day. 

“I’m way more productive in the morning and like to get everything done early so my afternoon is open to do fun things. Also, I’m an absolute sucker for a good Clemson sunrise,” Canedo said. “I’m usually on campus most of the day between classes, work and meetings — I’ve considered changing my mailing address to Edwards Hall because I spend so much time there.”

Canedo usually ends her day catching up with her roommates and having fun with her other friends while getting a meal downtown or going to the dikes to see the famous Clemson sunset. 

As similar as the two may sound, Gundana and Canedo met one another in a seemingly unorthodox way. In an act of clumsiness, Canedo admitted to spilling a water jug and said that Gundana came over to help. Gundana said that meeting Canedo “was like talking to a best friend that you have had for years.”

When Gundana started thinking about running for student body president, he knew he wanted Canedo as a running mate. 

“It was an easy choice to run with Emma, I believe we…have the passion, motivation and desire to hold these positions,” Gundana said. “I was inspired to run because I believe that CUSG has so much untapped potential…Throughout my time at Clemson I have served this university and made relationships that I know I can utilize in this position”

“I hadn’t ever considered running for the position [before], but … Jonathan is a leader and has an incredible passion for giving back to Clemson … I could not imagine running with anyone else,” Canedo said. “The fact that I have the chance to make Clemson even better than it already is and to serve all of the students here was an opportunity I knew I could not turn down, especially knowing that I would be doing this alongside Jonathan.”

Gundana and Canedo’s slogan is “All for Clemson” because ‘it encompasses [their] philosophy as candidates.”

“We understand that if we are elected into these positions, we would have to give our all for Clemson. In order to build a stronger Clemson we need to come together as a student body and make sure that we are giving our all for, and to Clemson,” Gundana said.

Their platform consists of academics, connection to Clemson and community. Each section has different things Gundana and Canedo hope to accomplish.

For academics they plan to work on academic policy, freshman experience and the idea of “for students, by students”. For the section that focuses on the connection to Clemson, they want to focus on traditions, athletics, student ticketing and Greek life. For the community part they plan to look at health and safety, parking and transportation, and diversity and inclusion. 


“To me, the traditions here at Clemson University are what set it apart from other schools …  Jonathan and I have big plans to grow existing traditions, revive old traditions and start new traditions in the coming year,” Canedo said. 

“I think [“For Students, By Students”] has such great potential to … expand student involvement,” Gundana said. “One of the best examples we have of this is a graphic communication and marketing Creative Inquiry that would focus on enhancing the presence of Solid Orange Friday.”

Ultimately, Gundana and Canedo want to leave behind a lasting legacy that impacts students for the greater good throughout their time at Clemson.

“I have always strived to serve our university to the best of my ability…The people, places and things that I have touched during my time at Clemson will hopefully be my legacy,” Gundana said.

“It has always been my goal to leave a legacy of selfless compassion and service to others,” Canedo said.

When asked about why they would be the best candidates, both candidates expressed their love for the university.

“We are going to give our 'All For Clemson' in every way … because we believe that the students here deserve nothing short of the best,” Canedo said.

“We are determined to make the Clemson experience excellent for all [of] Clemson…We will use our experience to move Clemson University and CUSG forward,” Gundana said. 

For more information on the candidates visit their Instagram @jonathanemma2020. There will also be continued coverage from The Tiger through elections.

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