Shrek and Ronald

Jacob “Shrek” Strickland is a junior computer science major from Charleston, S.C., running for undergraduate student body president. Strickland’s running mate is Ronald Sanderson, a sophomore mechanical engineering major also from Charleston, S.C. Teaming up with the aim to become representatives for the entire student body, the pair stated that the way they first met is classified, though Sanderson admitted that he “can’t remember.”

Strickland and Sanderson both stated that their favorite Clemson experience is football game days, with Strickland enjoying being able  to display his Shrek attire, based off of the 2001 movie “Shrek”.

The two are running under the campaign slogan, “This is our swamp.” Strickland and Sanderson enjoy their slogan because it is both a reference to the original film and “implies unity among Clemson students.”

Strickland stated that he feels as though he has already left his Clemson legacy, and Sanderson simply wants his legacy to be “a good one.”

Part of this legacy is that they hope to improve Clemson’s parking woes. Strickland and Sanderson both individually stated that their favorite part of their campaign is parking reform. Strickland mentions that a part of his daily routine is to play a game called ‘Can I find parking before I’m late to class?’ “The answer is frequently ‘no,’” Strickland said.

Strickland also said that his daily routine often includes sitting in McAdams Hall, home of Clemson’s School of Computing, completing his work rather than attending lectures. Sanderson described a similar relationship with his “rigorous classes” in which he “learns nothing.” Sanderson also stated that he likes to spend his time outside upon returning home from class.

Strickland’s Clemson role model is an unnamed former student who “dressed up as a pink gorilla and scaled Strode Tower. That guy sounds awesome.” Sanderson, however, looks up to Clemson director of track & field and cross country, Mark Elliott. “The track team is pretty good,”  Sanderson said.

The pair reflected on why Clemson students should vote for them in the upcoming election. Sanderson believes that students should vote for them because they “have the best ability to cause an actual change.” Strickland offered a less straightforward answer, admitting, “I don’t know; it’s funny.”

Interested Clemson voters will be unable to find the pair’s campaign on social media. “We simply do not have the time with our busy school work schedules,” the pair explained. “We have some of the toughest majors in the college, and they are very demanding, leaving us with little time than others to set this stuff up.” Strickland is instead interested in a more grassroots type of campaign, focusing on word of mouth and having the campaign spread through other people’s use of social media, reflecting the way Strickland gained notoriety during his freshman year at Clemson through wearing his Shrek attire around campus and to football games.

There will be continued coverage from The Tiger through elections.

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