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The three Clemson fraternities, Delta Chi, Chi Phi and Phi Delta Theta, that were undergoing investigation have been charged with multiple violations of Clemson’s student code of conduct and have been suspended. All charges between the three fraternities include hazing, disruption of community and ethical standards, and counts of underage drinking. 

The violations were made available by the Tucker Hipps Transparency Act, which requires South Carolina’s public colleges and universities to report conduct violations by fraternities and sororities. Delta Chi and Phi Delta Theta were both charged with disruption of community and ethical standards process, while Delta Chi was charged with hazing violations as well. Chi Phi was in violation of three different counts: alcohol, student organization—alcohol, and student organization—conduct. Delta Chi is on probation  until Dec. 31, 2021 while Phi Delta Theta and Chi Phi are on probation until May 31, 2020. 

Clemson’s hazing policy states that “Hazing is not consistent with [Clemson’s] core values. Therefore, all Clemson University community members/organizations are expected to refrain from hazing.” Some examples of hazing described by Clemson include anything from line-ups and berating to abandonment or kidnapping. The policy also states that if “Any member of the University community, including a victim, participant, or witness, with knowledge of hazing shall report the hazing to the Office of Community and Ethical Standards or Clemson University police.” 

During initiation process of new members, pledges are sometimes forced to engage in demeaning activities. According to the incident report submitted, which preceded the official investigation, Delta Chi forced its new members to participate in an act of personal servitude, and to participate in a variety of other events regarding some concern. Also according to an incident report, Chi Phi forced its new members to consume alcohol after bid day. Phi Delta Theta were not truthful about potential activities they engaged in regarding new members and withheld important information about hazing actions during an official investigation interview. 

Following these charges, each fraternity was given a different sanction to fulfill and follow while on disciplinary probation. Phi Delta Theta had to initiate their new members by a certain date, conduct a review of their current members and new member process, as well as to hold a visit from an individual in the Phi Delta Theta headquarters. Chi Phi must conduct a four-week new member education program, hold individual conduct proceedings with anyone who planned the charged events and write an apology letter to all new members who were involved.  

With the most sanctions, Delta Chi must hold all of their new member events and programs on campus during the duration of this period and follow all of Clemson’s rules regarding so. They are also under review by the International Headquarters Staff and must be in full compliance with all of its rules. They will  be required to hold a four-week associate member program and attend multiple conferences and conventions with the correct amount of attendees. A few other sanctions include taking a hazing prevention webinar, installation of a new committee and the addition of a $30 risk management fine per member. 

Due to these actions, the three fraternities will now have to be even more transparent when recruiting young men in the future. As for now, Clemson administration has stated that if any of the fraternities  fail to follow any of the rules, there can and will be more consequences, and harsher ones, than before.

If anyone you know is being hazed there are resources you can use to report and stop it. To report hazing incidents, contact the Clemson University Police Department or fill out this incident report form. This form will go to both the office of fraternity and sorority life and the office of community and ethical standards, which will then lead to an investigation. 

Other hazing resources include:

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