An important part of college- and life in general- is living in a nice place. Somewhere that you feel safe in, somewhere that respects and listens to your concerns and actually puts their residents first. Somewhere like the exact opposite of Epoch.

As a current resident of Epoch, I can honestly say that I and many others I have spoken to are shocked at the sheer lack of order at the always boasting complex. The chaotic mess of Move-In Day was just one example. At least one important piece of furniture or household appliance was missing from every building, assuming the building had been finished to begin with. Students were being alerted last minute that their move-in date was changed, or they  would even arrive at Epoch only to be told that they had to stay at a hotel because their future home wasn’t even done yet. 

Like most, I assumed these problems were only caused by the fact that it was Move-In Day. It was all too easy to believe their lies that all the buildings and amenities would be done on a scheduled date, but they weren’t. Maintenance requests that should have taken at most three days (and that’s generous) to fix took three weeks before they even acknowledged getting the request. I lost count of the times I had to repeatedly walk to the office building to make the same request in person. And it still took at least five visits before something was finally done. 

The issue is that there would be less problems entirely if Epoch didn’t wait until small issues became astronomically large, impossible to ignore hazards. Like not wiring the dryer or washers correctly until one apartment flooded and another had to go three weeks without correctly dried clothes. Even when they say they have investigated problems, they haven’t, unless you bring up the problem enough times for them to fix it out of sheer annoyance. 

I can think of two personal instances alone that only got resolved by having to be a constant knocking fist against a stone wall of passivity. Along with this, most of those actually in charge hardly interact with the residents unless persistently asked. Instead, residents have to take their complaints to fellow students who have no connection or knowledge of the serious issues going around the complex. 

College is filled with a lot of stressful things. Hard classes, exams all being in the same week, adulting and just overall trying to enjoy life. Save yourself some trouble, and do a lot of research and asking around before committing to an apartment complex. The very last thing you need to worry about is a bad living situation.

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