I never really cared for astrology while growing up. Despite my ethnic background of Gypsy-Romani, my logic-driven mind couldn’t comprehend how the stars and planets above me influenced my day-to-day life. How could the position and movement of some rock in the sky dictate what I’m feeling or how I’m acting? But following a few more trips around the sun (no pun intended), I eventually wised up and decided that I couldn’t continue to blindly reject an ancient discipline that I was extremely uneducated about just because some of my peers and favorite meme accounts decided that astrology was for idiots and delusional hippies. 

Astrology is over thousands of years old, predating a lot of today’s common religions. My hasty assumption that the horoscopes in Cosmopolitan were all invented by writers with a keen interest in astronomy was dead wrong. Through different conversations with friends who have a developed knowledge for the history and practical application of astrology, I began to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the stars. I slowly started to learn that astrology was way more than the over-simplified zodiacs and horoscope quizzes that I knew it to be in the past. 

In comparison to how the tides are ruled by the gravitational pull of the moon, the lifeforms on Earth are affected by the trajectory and positioning of the massive objects that constantly surround and orbit our planet. Now, I’m not saying that just because you were born on a certain day that you have to identify word-for-word with your corresponding zodiac birth chart, or that whatever horoscope you receive for today will be an exact playbook for the next 24 hours. All I’m saying is that there is some truth to the matter in that the stars and planets can be used as a tool in deciphering the enigmatic aspects of our lives, such as our predispositions as individuals. Astrology isn’t a rulebook for life, it’s a guide to explaining the unexplainable.

Despite a lack of extensive knowledge needed to convey to you the entire factual history and concepts of astrology, I encourage you to explore it on your own. My journey into the stars began with constructive conversations, which opened my eyes up to the magnificent teachings of astrology. I’ve really enjoyed exploring my chart, a description of the planet’s alignments at the time of birth, and which planets and houses most heavily influence my thought patterns and behaviors. Houses represent vital aspects of your life, such as how you express love, handle your finances, and communicate with others, allowing one to begin to understand the inner makings of their personality. The Internet will be your best friend if you’re interested in learning more about the celestial bodies and their effects on Earthly phenomena and I have some recommendations should you decide to venture out and explore the universe’s divine. The free apps Sanctuary and Co-Star have been a fun and easy way to discover more about astrology, giving you detailed descriptions of your chart that make it easy to learn, as well as daily horoscopes for you to observe and seek the truth for yourself. Although I am still very much a novice, I’ve abandoned my initial judgment that the study of astrology is complete rubbish. Whether you care to explore the knowledge of the stars just for fun or with a more spiritual intent, I believe everyone could benefit from exploring the wonders of the natural world a little. Through learning more about the stars, the only constants in this chaotic and everchanging life, I feel more connected to who I am and to the magnificent universe that we all inhabit.  

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