As many students on campus know, Clemson’s downtown strip is one of the most popular places to shop, grab a bite to eat or even just sit down and have a cup of coffee.

However, many students would agree that the options for eating and especially shopping could be more diverse in choices and costs.

Clemson’s signature downtown strip that most can’t even walk through on busy game days is the hub for most of the entertainment and leisure for students and visitors of Clemson University. While I am sure that the profit of downtown business is very high, imagine just how much more profitable it could be while better serving its customers if the choices and prices had more of a variety. 

In the aspect of shopping downtown,  there isn’t much to buy if you are not looking for an item that has the word “Clemson” on it. For visitors, this aspect could be a plus, but for students who are in need of non-Clemson clothing or merchandise, it is very challenging to obtain this. For the very slim selection of stores that sell clothing and merchandise that is for everyday use, these stores are without a doubt the most expensive. So, why can’t the downtown strip offer a variety of shops and boutiques for people who on a budget or college students?

When eating at the downtown strip, you can find mostly American pub food. While there is the occasional sushi restaurant and chains like Moe’s, there is not a plethora of variety that would accommodate everyone. For the most part, if someone wants to go eat at a restaurant with specialty food, they either go completely out of the vicinity of campus, or order what they want through a delivery service. Downtown should be a place where there is an option for everyone and a place where if you want something other than pub food, your bank account won’t be hurting after. 

In the aspect of having places to hangout with friends, the downtown strip has very little to no options. People can be seen hanging out with friends at Spill The Beans and on the weekends at some of the restaurants and bars. However, there are not any places for friends to get together and actually do something that involves activity. If Clemson’s downtown is one of the staples of visiting, living and being a student, then why is it so challenging to find a place to get together with friends and participate in activities that don’t involve eating or shopping?

As incoming freshmen are trying to find their place at Clemson, the downtown strip could be a place for them to meet new friends and have fun at their new school. While many are rushing and pledging sororities and fraternities and joining clubs, many students who are not participating in this are looking for a place to meet others and to have a fun time. What if there could be a place for students to come together and have a good time while still enjoying the feeling of leaving the main campus and going downtown? 

Overall, students and visitors at Clemson are very lucky to have the downtown strip as an option for shopping, eating and entertainment. The location is very convenient for students as it is in walking distance for most of the student body. However, just imagine how great it could be if the options for food, shopping and having a good time with friends varied more!

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