Donald Trump is perhaps the most polarizing figure in American history. Even Andrew Jackson would take a backseat to Trump these days. Trump, Trump, Trump, that’s all you hear about these days, and, fortunately or unfortunately depending on your political stance, will most likely continue hearing for the next four years, because somehow the Democratic Party has come to nominate Joe Biden. Out of all possible candidates, and boy there were a lot, the Democratic Party has somehow settled on a muppet person who does not even know where he is half the time, nevertheless able to complete a coherent thought. This is not to say that Trump knows where he is either, as his speeches and tweets are about the most conflicting and confusing a president, or just a general world leader, has ever been. 

Donald Trump was around 70 and a half years old when he was elected, making him  the oldest president elected. If and probably when he gets re-elected, he will be  around 78 when he is done being president. 78 years of age is also around the average life expectancy of an American male. I don’t know the last time you talked to anyone that old, but generally they are in a home for the elderly being wheeled around playing checkers with their peers. This matter is made even worse when you take a look at Joe Biden’s age right now. 77, that’s all I have to say about that. 

To make this even more concerning, Biden was running against a (mostly) very young group of people, from Yang to Gabbard to Buttigieg, a lot of candidates were under 60 years of age this year. How all of them were defeated by a man who thought he was running for Senate rather than president this year  is beyond my intellectual grasp. How Biden will probably be defeated by a man who regularly forgets people’s names and even what he has recently said is also just beyond me. I say Biden will “probably be defeated” because just as Trump ran on heavy populist fumes in 2016, those same fumes still seem prevalent now, with his supporters just as excited as they were last election. On the flip side, it has been hard for Biden to generate that same excitement. This is best seen in a clip of Bernie Sanders “endorsing” Joe Biden. It looks more like someone is holding a gun on him behind camera as the exhausted Sanders, who has tried his absolute best to fight for change and progress in America along with his Democratic counterparts, has been slowly defeated by a man whose campaign slogan used to say “No malarkey.” I’m seriously not even making that up, google it. “No malarkey”. The insane mismanagement of this country will continue whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, left or right, either way this election goes. There will only be further scandal and controversy rather than any sort of substantive change or progress, which we could all use in a time like this. This will continue to be denied to us until people take a look around and see what is going on in the world, rather than live in this not-so-blissful ignorance that so many of us experience. If only people under the age of 50 voted in this country.

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