During the average football season, visitors and students can have open containers on campus or in bars.  However, during the National Championships, Clemson becomes so crowded that they let patrons have open containers of alcohol on pedestrianized College Avenue from the Subway to the Moe’s. This weekend there isn’t a national championship, and this year isn’t an average football season either, so, for the safety of Clemson’s visitors and student body, the City of Clemson should allow for open containers. 

If open containers are allowed, people can still support local bars and businesses without being jammed into a bar.  Even at half capacity, there typically aren’t enough seats for everyone to take off their mask.  While they should still be able to maintain a safe six feet apart, the people outside might not be able to. 

Granted, this is still unknown since this is the first football game of the pandemic season. Yet, for the past years Clemson has become packed with fans as our football team has built itself into a powerhouse. I suspect with even fewer distractions of a normal year, those who are healthy and bored enough will still come to Clemson.  Except, everything is at half capacity.  

Some people can buy their way into some bars on a new app going around.  This is no shock; money talks. Not every business is doing this, and the restaurants and bars that aren’t might have long waits.  As people wait, will they keep their distance?  Will they have the space to? 

I have faith that people will try to hold each other at an honest two-arms’ length, and I have reservations this will not be enough.  If people could overtake the street, bypassing the narrow sidewalks, drink in tow, they could help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our campus and community.  This could help businesses sell drinks and products while maintaining the safety of their guests and employees. 

And if the Tigers win, this would truly be a win-win solution. 

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