Every year when the month of February rolls around, the first thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind is Valentine’s Day. This holiday is either a day that everyone obviously hates, or one that is loved by many. The common misconception about this holiday is that it only pertains to people who are in a romantic relationship. While it is completely understandable why many people think this, this is one hundred percent not the case. 

The whole holiday of Valentine’s Day is meant to be about showing those that you love how much you care for them whether that be through a physical gift or just your words of love. It’s a day that is meant to be strictly about your love for others. This can revolve around the love you have for your significant other, family, friends or anyone else that is special in your life. For some reason, this meaning was completely thrown out in the minds of our generation and replaced with the idea that if you don’t have a significant other then this holiday is one that you just need to sit out. 

I feel as if Valentine’s Day started to become this holiday that feels like it revolves around having a significant other due to aspects of our society, such as social media. Social media creates a competitive environment for the generations today. You might not even realize that you are trying to compete to have the cutest candid picture with your significant other to post on Instagram. When you’re racking your brain to try to find the perfect caption to share your “one Valentine” with the world, you are also missing the opportunities to tell the many other valentines in your life what they mean to you. 

Depending on your age, Valentine’s Day can add unwanted pressure to the glooming thought of not having that “forever person” in your life. 

There is this idea that seems to be put into everyone’s heads that if you don’t have a steady romantic partner in your life by the age of around 23,  your life is going downhill. This holiday can only add to this stress if you are thinking about it in the wrong way. If you are surrounding your holiday with the family and friends that you care about the most, then it can only be a positive occasion. 

There is no doubt that when this time of year comes around there can be a sense of dread if you do not have a significant other. However, what if instead of harping on this idea of having one special Valentine, you revolve this years’ holiday with all of the valentines that are important to your life? Embrace your family, friends and anyone else that you share love for. Whether you have that special someone in your life or you plan to have a day surrounded by friends and family, Valentine’s Day will be a positive and special day because you will be surrounded by those that you care for the most. ga

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