I knew it was going to start getting cold, considering it’s November and the nights had steadily been getting chillier. But walking outside on Monday, November 11, without looking at the weather beforehand was not what I expected. After all, we are in South Carolina, so I assumed it would be like most winters, where it’s a gradual progression of cold days so when the weather does get super icey, you’re prepared. I don’t know about you, but that just did not happen this time around.

I felt like the time change happened, we had one day of fall and then bam! It’s literally winter weather already. Now, I love cold weather and winter activities. Chilly, cloudy skies are the best days for hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets, crackling fires and movie binges. However, cold weather is not fun when you’re having to run from class to class, fighting the wind across Clemson’s ridiculously hilly campus. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it feels like the hills seem to get bigger when it’s colder. 

Along with just the actual outdoors, cold weather means classrooms feel extra hot, which can be good and bad. It’s good if you think ahead and wear layers so that when you do go inside you aren’t sweating buckets. Or if you’re just a naturally cold-sensitive person, the warmer classrooms are perfect temperature. But if you’re anything like I am and you don’t prepare for the changing temperatures, hot classrooms aren’t so great. You’ll be freezing outside or burning up inside. 

This may sound like I’m complaining about the cold, but I really do love the fall and winter seasons. It’s just a bit hard to deal with when it comes unexpectedly and clothing choices are hard for someone who’s perpetually running late. So during this cold season, be prepared, enjoy the weather and dress in layers. You’ll be grateful later. 

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