I think we can all agree that this semester didn’t end the way any of us planned. With social distancing practices being implemented, the shutdown of Clemson’s campus and just the transition to online classes in general, most people are probably ready for this last week of finals and class as a whole to be over. However, the journey to reaching the end of the semester might not be as easy for some as it is for others. 

It feels like there’s many different types of styles for online finals which makes it hard for students to really know what to expect. All the teachers are doing things differently; some are even giving the option to exempt an exam entirely. Students are having to use Zoom and email to ask questions during office hours, and that’s when both sides aren’t having some technical difficulties. Studying is also a challenge many have faced during this weird time of online classes. And with Cooper Library, coffee shops and other traditional study places closed, it’s even harder for students to find the focus or right environment to study in. 

In my own personal experience, I’ve had online tests sent over Word documents or done on Canvas, but I’ve also had to do projects and papers, too. While I would normally rather do projects and other non-traditional tests over having to study for hours, final projects come with their own range of issues. Presenting a PowerPoint to the class is possible thanks to Zoom’s screen-sharing, but there is always the fear of internet issues, such as freezing or buffering, that mess up the presentation and add to your nerves. Other projects, such as designs that would normally be submitted in-person, have to be done through photos, which can unfortunately not give the project justice. 

But there is a bright side to all this final craziness. Although the week may seem daunting, you can rest a little easier knowing that you're not the only one stressing over classes. Friends and classmates are going through the exact same thing, and you can give each other support and encouragement to make it through. Along with the students, the teachers are also facing challenges with this different type of testing, but know they are doing their best to help you, the student. So do your best, and forget the rest. Hang in there, Tigers!

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