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With the semester uncomfortably close to midterms, students may find themselves writing essays on books they haven’t read, falling asleep reviewing Biology or searching every page of Google for their professor’s Quizlet. Needless to say, anyone from freshman to fifth-years can grind it out into the wee hours of the night, well past their dinner time and most restaurants’ hours. Luckily for them, there’s more to life than just dining halls and ramen noodles. Here are a few places to crash, whether you’ve just shut down the party or finished your lab report.

1. Domino’s

Good prices for good pizza is a fair mantra for Domino’s. They have plenty of specials that often repeat for weeks at a time, lots of toppings and even reasonable regular prices for those of us who are watching our wallets. With both in-store pickup and delivery, they’re an obvious choice for people who don’t want to leave their desks (or their “The Witcher” marathon). The $5.99 Mix & Match Deal makes them a return visit and keeps them competitive.

2. Cook-Out

While they don’t deliver, Cook-Out makes sure that you get plenty of food for the price. Their business is almost guaranteed to get busier after midnight, and while you’ll wait for at least 15 minutes, the anticipation makes it all the more delicious. Their burgers, fries, hush puppies and quesadillas are the stuff of legend to anyone who calls themselves a night owl.

3. Jimmy John’s

While not exactly “freaky-fast” with their 40 minute delivery time, Jimmy John’s is a great inexpensive sandwich for the sub-junkie. Their wide array of meats and veggies can help you build a new sandwich every time you go, and their friendly staff and economical prices will keep both you and your debit card happy. For the hungriest, sandwiches like the Italian Night Club and the Ultimate Porker are killer. However, those with less ambitious appetites won’t go unsatisfied with the Gourmet Frenchie, which is kind to both the waistline and the budget.

4. Wendy’s

Wendy’s holds an advantage in both their prices and location. Sitting right behind Schilletter and boasting meals like their $5 Biggie Bags and the 4 for $4, they are the go-to for hungry students on campus. Their line often wraps across the entire store and their regular staff makes it even more reputable. They hold a special place in the heart of students, whether on their way back to the high-rises or stepping out of their Uber after a formal.

5. Waffle House

While every other eatery on this list holds a special place in both the hearts and stomachs of students, Waffle House is the dominant force of eating out late and sets the precedent for breakfast food everywhere. As a staple to both college students and others across the country, the diner makes eating an occasion and is run by some of the sunniest staff. Most people know the legacy of the All-Star Special, and their breakfast bowls and waffles so good, you’ll slap the sticky tabletop.

With these choices and others, students often find themselves at what seems like the decision of a lifetime. Many of us have both money and hunger on the line and are often forced to either venture into the night for a meal or sleep with a growling stomach. But students that keep this list handy can rest easy knowing they’ve got dinner (or an early breakfast) waiting for them later than most places are willing.

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