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As the saying goes at Clemson, “there’s something in these hills,” and now it turns out, if you look hard enough, there’s treasure too! Campus Treasures Network has come to Clemson! The company, a social media game and blog, is present on various college campuses nationwide. Their mission is to provide a nice escape from the daily stressors college students face and get them involved in exciting treasure hunt adventures. Each campus has a school-affiliated Instagram account where the treasure maps for their campus can be found leading to prizes, including jewelry, autographed sports collectables, video games, TVs, cash and more. Additionally, by searching for the “hidden treasure,” you will collect “Campus Treasures Cash.” This can then be saved up over time and redeemed for major prizes!

The interesting part of this new company is that it is completely run by college students. The CEO of Campus Treasures Network, who calls himself “Captain Tommy Treasures,” thought of the idea when walking home from class at Temple University in Philadelphia and found a $100 bill. The idea came to him that it makes your day so much better to find an unexpected prize. He uses the pseudonym “Tommy Treasures” to stay anonymous so that no one knows who is creating the maps and hiding the treasure. The name comes from the real Captain Tommy, who worked on many historical fishing ships and traveled the world. The historical Captain Tommy died tragically with his crew in 1986 after a fishing accident. However, the CEO likes to believe that the captain’s adventurous spirit and love for excitement can still be found in Campus Treasures.

Another unique aspect of the company is its ambassadors. Ambassadors are hired for each campus through an application that can be found on their website. Ambassadors must remain anonymous and are responsible for creating the experience that students on their campus have. They have the freedom and creativity to create hunts specific to their school. They work in teams, and any student (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or super senior) is able to apply. There are numerous levels of the job, and there’s room to move up in responsibility. This is a particularly great opportunity if you are a business or marketing major. It can also add a huge boost to your resume. The company also advertises that its recruiters will “write your resumé” and highlight all that you have accomplished with your role in the corporation.

To participate in an upcoming treasure hunt, anyone who follows the Campus Treasures Instagram is welcome to get involved. It will be advertised a few days ahead of time, and there is typically a countdown using Instagram live until clues are posted. With football season over and warm weather (hopefully) coming soon, participating in a hunt with some friends could be a great way to appreciate our beautiful campus and de-stress. If you’re on the more competitive side, there is definitely an opportunity to turn this into a competition within your friend group. Check out Campus Treasures on Instagram @cutreasures. Happy hunting!

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