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It’s that time of the year again. After months of constant assignments, obligations and responsibilities with no end in sight, anyone and everyone is hanging on to their last brain cell as they open another empty Google doc in the library. For those particular individuals who can't seem to take a break and relax, try out these tips to help brighten your week.

1. Paint pottery at Glazed in Clemson

Nothing can de-stress you quicker than putting a paintbrush onto a beautiful clay cereal bowl. Located downtown by Osaka Express, stop by Glazed and take an hour or two to paint some pottery and walk away with a little souvenir.

2. Have a spa night

Stop by our local Walmart or even Five and Below to grab a few cheap essentials to relax with a spa night at home with friends. Those amazing “one dollar face masks” will take the tension right out of your face and out of your mind. While you're at it, toss some blankets in the dryer and snuggle up in your own warm little heaven. Paint your nails, exfoliate your skin, just do what makes you feel comfy. Honestly, just treat yourself to a nice spa night.

3. Take a nap

You might already be doing this (and this might actually be the source of your stress), but when things get to be a bit too much and you can't seem to get anything done, try taking a quick 90-minute nap. Don't overdo it and waste your day with an 8-hour nap. Keep it at a maximum of 90 minutes to get some rest and go through the full REM cycle. You will wake up rejuvenated and ready to take on those stressors.

4. Unplug

This is going to be harder than it sounds, but constantly staring at a blue screen does not do well for your anxiety or stress. Unplug for an hour or two for a day; this includes your computer and any homework that comes with it. Read a newspaper (hint hint), look at nature, do your laundry. You'll be thankful you did later.

5. Deep clean

There is nothing better than being in a deeply cleaned, reorganized and nice smelling house. Take an hour or three out of your week, put on some music or a podcast and deep clean your home. Not only will you relax by focusing on cleaning instead of homework, but you will get to enjoy the pleasures of an empty and clean sink, fresh laundry, and vacuumed floors.

6. Make a to do list

You may already have one, but this will have a little twist on it. Take the time to sit down and write down a maximum of five things you want to do. Emphasis on want. This means things that make you happy and will brighten your day. Once you have done this, write five things you really need to do. Combine those lists and spread out how you will be productive in a healthy way.

7. Talk/hang with friends

There is nothing better than sitting down to a nice meal with friends or just chilling at home hanging out with them. Catch up on your lives and try to let some steam out by explaining your stresses and how you feel about it. You will walk away with a clear mind and someone to depend on when it gets to be too much.

8. Bake something new

Turn into a mini Martha Stewart and break out that apron. There are hundreds of thousands of quick and easy online recipes for any dessert or baked good you can think of. Clear your mind of that paper you have due and start baking that banana bread instead.

9. Workout

As one of the healthier de-stressing options, working out is a great way of releasing endorphins and feeling better in a healthier way. Don't go straight for the 50 pound dumbbells. It’s as simple as taking an evening walk along the dikes or going to a yoga class for an afternoon.

10. Look at dog memes

There is nothing that can make your anxiety and stress melt away quicker than looking at a cute picture of a weiner dog cuddling with a baby.

11. Take a step back and ask for help

While all of these are great ways to take a break and de-stress, they are all temporary solutions of the problem. The best way to deal with this head on is to talk to someone about how you are feeling and reaching out for help. This is as simple as asking a club member to pick up the t-shirts for the club meeting or even asking a lab partner to help you out with your half of the assignment. No one has to do everything alone. Talk to someone and know when too much is too much and step back and take a break.

The art of effectively destressing is something that takes time and patience. If any of our fellow tigers have their own little hacks to de-stressing, feel free to reach out to the tiger by tweeting, emailing, facebooking and anything in between.

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