The reviewers

Meet Erin:

As a Starbucks fan and relatively experienced coffee drinker, I  was excited to try these autumn-themed drinks. I prefer flavored coffee, but always with half the normal amount of flavor shots; I usually think  everything is too sweet. My typical Starbucks order is a venti iced latte with coconut milk, two shots of hazelnut syrup and two shots of sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup, plus however much cinnamon is in the shaker.

Meet Shreya: 

I had never drunk coffee before coming to college. However, soon after I started college, it became a necessity as a result of late nights studying and 8 a.m. classes. Fun fact: I prefer my coffee to be 20 percent coffee, 60 percent milk and 20 percent sugar. Also, my record number of pumps of creamer in a cup of coffee is twelve. Starbucks is my favorite place to get coffee

The drinks

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

Starbucks One

Price: $4.25 (tall)

Erin: 1/5

As an official caramel hater, this is far too sweet for me. It’s practically a dessert. Sweet and salty flavors together in a drink do not appeal to me.

Shreya: 5/5

As someone who loves sweet things, this drink is perfect for me. The sweet flavor of caramel combined with a subtle hint of coffee is refreshing. Also, the sweet and salty caramel sprinkles on top are delicious and provide personality to the drink.

Hot Pumpkin Spice Latte

hot PSL

Price: $4.25 (tall)

Erin: 5/5

This drink is so good! It’s warm and cozy, like fall in a cup. It’s the perfect temperature to thaw you out after a 45 degree walk to your 8 a.m.

Shreya: 3/5

This cup of coffee is perfect for a crisp fall day, especially to warm you up from the chilly weather. I don't really enjoy the pumpkin taste in this drink, even though I usually like pumpkin-spiced food.

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

pumpkin cream cold brew

Price: $4.25 (tall)

Erin: 3.5/5

The cold brew definitely has the strongest coffee flavor. The cream on top is interesting, but not my favorite. I like that it’s not too sweet compared to the others, so I find it good for sipping while studying.

Shreya: 1/5

Although avid coffee drinkers may find this drink delicious, I prefer a high ratio of milk and cream to coffee in my drinks. This one doesn’t meet that standard, so I didn’t really enjoy it.

Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte

iced PSL

Price: $4.25 (tall)

Erin: 4/5

I appreciate that this drink is not too strong. I love the subtle spice flavors. Maybe it’s just because I tried this on a cold day, but I think I like the hot version just a little better.

Shreya: 4/5

I'm not a huge fan of coffee that’s not super sweet, but this one might be the exception. The coffee flavor paired with the pumpkin spice is delicious and a perfect balance between sweetness and coffee-ness.

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