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Maybe you’ve heard the news; as of this January, Clemson officially has a bagel restaurant! As many of us know, Clemson is not necessarily known for its breakfast spots, with only a handful of restaurants serving the early crowd. In a college town, a bagel place seems like a brilliant idea! Many students were very excited for the day Sully’s opened its doors.

This is the second location for Sully’s Steamers. The family-run business got its start in downtown Greenville. The restaurant was a great success there and decided to expand. The main idea behind Sully’s is to offer inexpensive, fresh bagel sandwiches and provide a sense of community to its customers. This is evident when you step through the doors and meet the friendly customer service.

Being from Long Island, NY (the bagel capital of the world, in my opinion), I will admit, I was skeptical a bagel could be good anywhere in South Carolina. My friends and I made the trek downtown one Saturday morning in January, and, while I would not say it was the best thing since sliced bread, I did come away with some opinions on it. Here were my takeaways:


1. Customer service: 

From the second my friends and I opened the door, an extremely friendly employee welcomed us, explained the ordering process and asked if we had any questions. She also kindly helped us with our trash as we left. 

2. It’s a vibe: 

The restaurant has a very easy-going atmosphere. With large windows and a lot of natural light, dining in had a homey and airy vibe. Conversation flowed easily around us as we enjoyed our meal surrounded by families and other groups of students.

3. An interesting system: 

The ordering process was extremely customizable. In addition to the numerous bagel sandwiches on the menu, there is also the opportunity for customers to build their own sandwich, picking the base (over 10 bagels available), and the contents of the sandwich. 

4. Fresh ingredients:

The contents of my sandwich were all extremely fresh and even “healthier” menu items were listed in a different section, which I found helpful when trying to decide from the wide variety offered.

5. Great hours:

Aside from the great food, Sully’s is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, and 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday. So if you’re sick of Todaro’s or Cookout after a night out, you might want to check out Sully’s!



1. The steam:

This is more of a personal preference, and honestly this could be the draw for a lot of people, but I just wasn’t a fan of the steam. The entire concept of Sully’s is that they steam the bagel and all the ingredients together. It made my bagel a little too damp for my liking. As a true bagel snob, I like my bagels toasted.

2. Table size:

I noticed that for the amount of customers trying to sit, there definitely was not enough space to accommodate them all. You might have to take your sandwich to go on a particularly busy morning (or night).



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