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With the election of the first woman vice president, Kamala Harris, gender roles in today’s society are rapidly changing. Women today are dedicated to receiving the same treatment as men in schools, workplaces and home, which is changing the way they operate in society. Many women have recently become powerful politicians, leaders and activists, which has given other women confidence in themselves and their abilities. This inspiration has specifically impacted the younger generation of women and has pushed them to get outside their comfort zones, embrace new trends and become comfortable with standing out in a crowd. 

 These trends can be observed across all college campuses, where young women are learning the value in discovering their voice and how they can use it to gain confidence and respect. Colleges give both men and women countless opportunities to improve their leadership skills, express their interests and opinions and develop as an individual. It is during this time that women are faced with the realization that being unique and expressive is one of the most valuable traits a woman can possess. 

Women today are recognizing the importance of standing out and ditching previous trends of dressing and acting in complete unison. They have realized that they don’t need to follow or succumb to standards set by society because the most prized trait they have is their individuality. Due to this, women have become more outspoken and confident, allowing them to set the pace for new trends in fashion, business and politics. The development of these trends in the U.S. have set the stage for countries across the world where inspirational women have invoked others to embrace their individuality and tenacity. I am grateful to live in a society where women are viewed as equal to men and are able to fully express themselves without fear of ridicule or disapproval. 


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