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Looking for new things to try while at home?  Here are my top 10 suggestions for Clemson students during quarantine. 

  1. Complain about no pass/fail option at Clemson

I mean, all my friend’s schools are doing it. Why can’t we?  P.S. CUSG has a referendum on the floor for its second read on Monday, April 6 regarding pass fail grading. Keep an eye on The Tiger for an article with more details!

  1. Star on the newest episode of “Chopped: Quarantine Edition”

Chefs, in your basket today are items scavenged from the barren aisle of your local grocery store.  Your goal is to make dinner using sauerkraut, a kiwi, alfredo sauce and marmalade. You have exactly 30 minutes to complete your dish. Go!

  1. Support a Change.org to free Joey Exotic

Whether it was the mullet, his connection to our beloved mascot or how the Netflix series made us forget about COVID-19 for a while, many Clemson Tigers have fallen in love with Joey Exotic. Cardi B has pledged her allegiance to the Tiger King; it is time for us Tigers to do the same!

  1. Finally clear out your @g.clemson inbox

All these incredible deals at the bookstore won’t last! You better hop on those soon before it is too late. 

  1. Keep up with the latest Instagram challenges

See a dog, send a dog. Pushups. Positivity posts. Juggling toilet paper. Until tomorrow. 30-day song challenge. And, of course, my favorite things. Doing all these challenges will keep you so busy you’ll almost forget that gatherings of 3 or more people even existed!

  1. Photoshop yourself into ITSURWIENER

Although Governor McMasters has ordered all restaurants and bars to be take-out only, ITSURWIENER is still able to pack the house.

  1. Suggest watching the 2016 or 2018 national championship game for family movie night

Mom, I don’t care how much you love Tom Hanks. I don’t want to watch Captain Phillips on TNT tonight. The only thing that will cheer me up is Deshaun rolling to his right and finding Hunter Renfrow in the endzone to put Clemson up 35-31 with one second left in the game. 

  1.  Zoom with friends

As many people are social distancing, more and more students are taking to Zoom to stay connected. Although, be weary that Zoom Basic has a maximum call length of 40 minutes. 

  1.  Finally download Duolingo

I have found this extremely helpful!  Now I can say “I am bored” and “I want to go back to Clemson” in French, German, Italian and Spanish.  

  1. Read “The Tiger”

Catch the latest news stories affecting Clemson students at www.thetigercu.com and keep an eye out for our special April Fools’ edition!  

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