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Originally released in 2011, the crime series “Top Boy” remains one of the most popular shows in the UK and is now being raved over in the United States after Netflix revived the series in 2017. The series follows rival gangs in the fictional region of the Summerhouse estate in the London Borough of Hackney. The show opens with an introduction to the crime-filled streets of Summerhouse, where dealing drugs is the most profitable option for the young adults struggling to make ends meet. Those involved in the London gangs face consistent violence within and outside their own gangs as they fight to become the most prominent drug dealers in the city. The show is able to display the violent reality in some regions of London and how big a role the drug trade plays in the lives of the Summerhouse estate residents. Many of the characters originate from Jamaica, and the series is able to represent this cultural diversity as many scenes flash back to their experiences in impoverished, unjust cities in Jamaica. The presence of this cultural diversity makes “Top Boy” even more compelling, which is in addition to the consistently raw portrayal of the struggle that lies in living in a city dominated by the drug trade industry. The exceptional acting and superb filming techniques in this series make it a must-watch for anyone interested in learning about a competitive, fearful life on the streets of London. 

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