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Roaring for Clemson since 1907, The Tiger can market your brand to our diverse Clemson audience. We reach thousands of students, faculty, parents and community members with our digital and print publications during the academic year. Our brand consultants will work with YOU personally to find the best opportunities to help grow your business, support your cause and increase awareness.

Take a look at all of the opportunities we offer in our media kit below.

Fast Facts

copies of The Tiger printed every two weeks
print distribution locations on campus and across Clemson
unique users on per week
aged 18 to 24 reading our online content, including social media


Q: Isn't print journalism on the decline? Why would I buy a print ad?
Across the country, there's no doubt that print journalism is struggling. As America continues to recover from the COVID pandemic, print news has especially found it difficult. But one sector has been thriving more than ever: college newspapers. Given our niche audience and coverage, we provide content that no other newspaper can or will. And, while most college students wouldn't pay a dollar for a print paper, they gladly pick up our free print edition.
Q: What can college students provide that professional salespeople cannot?
Our connections. We know Clemson students best because we are Clemson students. We know what to do (and what not to do) to get you a consistent return on your investment. And our incentives are different: we're working to support The Tiger, not our pockets. We want to see you succeed because we want your help in getting us to succeed.