The Best Western Plus’s indoor atrium has indoor balconies or windows for rooms that are not exterior facing.

A survey sent to students in isolation and quarantine during the fall semester revealed a mix of responses to the university’s procedure, causing Student Affairs to adjust their continued plans for this semester in alignment with the feedback.

The survey included students’ responses to temporary accommodations, preliminary and ongoing communication and virtual wellness and engagement opportunities.

57% of students strongly agreed their temporary accommodations met basic needs, according to the survey. Students affected by COVID-19 were asked to leave their on-campus housing and quarantine, whether that was through the university or finding their own temporary space to reside for 10 to 14 days. 

Clemson has partnered with Best Western to provide housing to those students without personal accommodations.

Philip Sikes, Communications Director for Student Affairs, notes that balancing safety and efficiency leaves little room for spaces for high ratings. “We’re aiming to prioritize exterior rooms with windows for our students, as well as ensure items intended toenhance their stay are clearly marked,” explained Sikes.

Students also now have contact information readily available in their rooms for simple services including food, laundry, trash collection and testing transportation. 

“We also brought Barnett Hall on as an isolation option for students in the Bryan Mall area, making a much easier transition for many students who reside in close proximity to Barnett,” added Sikes.

The survey also reported that about 97% of students chose not to attend virtual wellness and engagement opportunities and about 67% of students did not even consider attending. Example opportunities included virtual fitness and wellness offerings through Campus Recreation and online workshops provided by Michelin Career Center.

“Students indicated in open-ended survey responses they preferred opportunities to be outside —such as at the Best Western — or access on-demand virtual wellness opportunities through Campus Recreation. Student Affairs opted to focus staff time and resources on wellness opportunities,” stated Sikes. Student Affairs will continue to provide opportunities to these students in quarantine thissemester.

Students are continuously asked for feedback and improvements are being made daily. “We are very fortunate that our numbers have been low in isolation and quarantine this semester. But for students who are required to go through this process, we want it to be the very best experience it can be,” says Sikes.

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