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As the Delta variant rages across the United States, positive cases and hospitalizations are predominantly among people unvaccinated for COVID-19.

I am getting ready to move back down to Clemson. With that being said, unfortunately, Clemson does not have the ability to require masks because of South Carolina law. I would not be shocked if we have to switch to online classes sometime in this semester because of this. 

I, along with most people, learn better sitting in an actual classroom instead of on a Zoom meeting. I would rather wear a mask in order to have in-person classes than not be required to wear one but ultimately get stuck with online schooling again.

If you are not wearing masks in public or not getting vaccinated (besides those whose doctors told them not to for their safety) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a mask and get vaccinated.

My schooling is at risk and some of the “best years of my life” are in jeopardy because people won’t do the bare minimum to keep others safe. 

I was a perfectly healthy and athletic 19-year-old when I got COVID and almost had to go to the hospital because my breathing got so bad. I was exhausted from breathing and had to focus on every breath or else I wouldn’t get enough oxygen. Every breath had to be a deep breath because it felt like my lungs were barely filling up to 50%. It was the most scared I’ve been in my life because my breathing kept getting worse. 

I still have long COVID symptoms like shortness of breath, headaches and diminished smell and taste. Even though I am vaccinated and have already had COVID, I am scared to get it again. I know that my lungs aren’t as strong as the first time I had it and I know these new variants that we keep allowing to form are much stronger and deadlier.

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