Gathering at the paw

Students on the hill prepare to gather at the paw at the end of the Charlotte 49ers vs. Clemson Tigers game in Sept. 2019.

Clemson will allow students to gather at the paw in Death Valley after the Wake Forest game on Saturday, according to Student Body Vice President Liza Lowder at Monday night's Student Senate meeting.

"We're really excited that they’re going to allow students to rush the field for now. I know we've been waiting for this to happen for the entire season," said Lowder.

Students will be allowed to enter the field only after the alma mater is played, a point emphasized by Lowder. If participants do not wait until after the alma mater is played, the privilege might be taken away once again.

"We really just have to make sure that all students understand [this] so that we can keep the tradition alive for next season as well," said Lowder.

The return of the tradition, which has been suspended since the 2020 season, comes at a time when Clemson is battling for the Atlantic Division title. Wake Forest is two games ahead of Clemson, making Saturday's matchup key in the division race.

Caroline Elswick, News Editor and Justin Robertson, Sports Editor contributed to the reporting of this story.

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