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The E-05 parking lot adjacent to Fike Recreation Center is just a short walk to the Parking Services office.

Clemson Undergraduate Student Government (CUSG) recommended Monday night that, “the administration [...] consider adding reserved, convenient parking for residential students in residential parking lots.”  

Students often spend large amounts of time trying to find residential parking spaces that are close to their residential halls; specifically during evening hours, when residential parking spaces are utilized at a high rate.  

The Department of Transportation and Parking Services recognizes the financial stresses already placed on students. The student senate proposes that these parking spaces would cost $300, and are completely optional for students.  It is only to benefit students who are willing to pay an extra fee for convenient parking, and would become available to students on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. 

If an individual does not have a residential parking permit and parks in a reserved spot, they will be towed and fined $112, along with a higher fine at $188 for students who do not have parking permits and park in reserved spots.  

These new parking spaces will be located all throughout campus in R-2 and McMillan Rd. for East Campus residents, R-3 Extension on Press Rd and R-3 on Centennial Blvd. for West Campus residents, R-4 for Lightsey residents, R-7 for Douthit West residents, R-9 for Douthit East residents, R-8 for additional Douthit residents and Morrison Rd for Thornhill and Calhoun residents. 

Although these parking spots will be reserved, Clemson Football gameday removal parking will remain intact regardless of reserved parking permit status for west residents only. 

The percentages that will determine the number of reserved parking spaces designated to each lot will be agreed upon by the Transportation and Parking Services Department’s administration at a later date, as a resulting conclusion of assessed student  interest and demand conducted by the Transportation and Parking Services Department and CUSG. 

This proposition from the CUSG Senate is mainly to aid students in finding more convenient parking if desired, and will only compromise a very small percentage of student parking spaces, meaning that regular student parking passes will not become rendered.

An earlier version of this article included an unsubstantiated claim that there was popular support for SR3. The Tiger regrets this error and it has since been removed.

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