R-3 Parking Lot

More than two parking permits were sold for every available parking space this past year, according to Dan Hofmann, director of Parking and Transportation Services.

2.15 permits were sold per available parking space across all types in 2021. The statistic was revealed in a presentation by Hofmann to Clemson University Student Government (CUSG) Senate on Monday night.

“We look at the permits per space,” said Hofmann. “That’s the one that’s been a good metric. It’s been traditionally one permit per space. This year, there's been over two permits per [space], and you’d think that would cause a major problem. It did not.”

At any given time, 73% of parking spaces on campus are occupied, according to Hofmann, though he did not specify how these capacities were measured.

Hofmann also announced that Clemson will be building 202 new parking spots for Douthit residents near the current R-3 lot by fall of 2022. Clemson is also aiming to add 500 new spaces to Kite Hill and 197 to the Highway 76 lot. There is no planned completion date for these projects at this time.

Over time, parking will likely continue to be pushed outside of campus in favor of additional academic and residential buildings, according to Hofmann. He also touched upon the concept of building a parking garage, which he said would greatly increase the cost of parking passes. Parking and Transportation Services estimates that the per-space cost of building a parking garage would be $38,000 each.

This article appeared in The Tiger’s Nov. 18 print edition. It may differ in formatting or content due to space constraints.

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