Old Main (Tillman Hall) covered in snow amidst the storm in 2021.

While we may have just been enjoying 75-degree weather as we rang in the new year, there could be flurries in the air over the weekend.

A winter storm watch has been issued by the National Weather Service from late Saturday night through Sunday evening. Six to eight inches are expected over the northwest Piedmont region, and four to six inches along the I-85 corridor.

The snow and ice will likely begin around 9 p.m. on Saturday night, according to the NWS. A wintry mix will develop early Sunday morning, which may lead to black ice throughout the week.

Road travel could be nearly impossible and power outages are likely. Area residents are advised to stay off the roads should it snow or ice, and charge their devices in case of power outages.

Sunday will have a low of 28 degrees, with a high of only 33 degrees. The chilly weather is caused by a weather pattern known as La Niña, which makes the Southeast drier than other parts of the country. There is also an active jet stream coming through the area, bringing down freezing temperatures.

A NOAA map shows the likelihood of potential winter weather

A NOAA map shows the likelihood of potential winter weather in the Upstate over the weekend. White, no impacts; gray, limited impacts; yellow, minor impacts; orange, moderate impacts; red, major impacts; and purple, extreme impacts.

But while snow days in Clemson are rare, they are often celebrated with interesting snowmen, snowball fights and light saber duels.

Lightsaber battle

Students battle it out with light sabers on Bowman Field in the 2021 snowstorm.

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