William Reinert, Liza Lowder and other campaign staff celebrate their win in the 2021 CUSG General Election.

Clemson Undergraduate Student Government announced the winners of their 2021 General Election on Friday afternoon, declaring William Reinert as student body president and Liza Lowder as vice president.

The election result was expected after Summer Shaw and Tyler McDougald withdrew from the race in February, leaving Reinert and Lowder as the only officially sanctioned ticket.

“We are so committed to making Clemson a place that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe – this is going to be a place for you,” said Reinert to The Tiger. “This Clemson family is going to be your Clemson family.”

Lowder emphasized her gratitude towards her campaign officials for all their contributions and then turned to her first focus: mental health. “We want to make CAPS more available – especially during the pandemic – and we want to make sure that they are there when students need them,” described Lowder.

When reflecting on the campaign season, Reinert explained that it was draining, but the real work is only beginning. “We have such an incredible opportunity to come back and restore so much, but even more than that push a new standard and set new precedents.”

3,470 students voted in the election for student body president and vice president this year, according to CUSG, a decrease of nearly 35% from last year’s 5,334 votes.

Reinert and Lowder won 90.68% of the ballot at 3,263 votes, with 124 votes then going to Shaw and McDougald and 57 votes to Geoff Gilson, a write-in candidate.

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