With one of the longest annual meetings ahead of them, the CUSG Senate began capital improvement night promptly last Monday evening, Feb. 15.

The allocation of funds for capital improvement, totaling $138,645, are meant to fund student-led projects to improve the university. Senate members were presented with 11 projects, of which they chose seven to be presented on capital improvement night.

First up was continuing the project involving parking sensors in the C-11 parking lot, which was fully funded and allocated $40,000 with little controversy.

Next was the Military Heritage Plaza revamp project. There was much support for funding, especially after the passing of a recent resolution which called for making Clemson the most military friendly campus in the U.S. This project was given the requested $36,865.

Funding for the Abraham Davidson Memorial was passed easily, being allocated $3,000. Davidson was a student who enrolled at Clemson as a Russian immigrant in 1934. Davidson went on to design the Thomas Green Clemson statue in front of Old Main.

This was followed by much debate on continuing funding for expanding the Cooper Library Makerspace. While the extent of funding was heavily contested, it was given the original amount of $38,000. 

Next on the table was a pilot program for mobile ordering at dining halls. The senate decided to ultimately not fund this new project.

Senators then discussed funding for a Brackett hall of flags, a measure which was largely uncontested and was allotted $2,645.

The most disagreed upon project was the Clemson Community Garden, which ended up not receiving funding.

The CUSG Senate meets every Monday at 7:00 P.M. and is streamed on the Tigervision Facebook page. Further notes from the Feb. 15 meeting can be found here.

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