Old main, covered in snow amidst the storm.

Light snowfall hit the Clemson area early Saturday night, causing students to get outside and  engage in wintry activities like lightsaber duels on Bowman and building snowmen outside their front doors.

“You were the chosen one,” quoted Anders Blom, a sophomore computer science major, from a famous Star Wars fight after engaging in one of his own. “You were my brother, I loved you.”

Blom and his friend Kevin Burke, a freshman general engineering major, were found dueling on Bowman Field Saturday night with neon blue and red lightsabers. The battle was intense, leaving Blom as the winner and the surrounding crowd cheering.


Blom, left, posing with a lightsaber in hand after a duel with Burke, right.

Students could also find snowmen dotted across Clemson’s campus. Some feature intricate stick arms and facial features while others got the winter spirit across with more simplicity.


Clemson students build snowmen outside Byrnes Hall.

Clemson issued a weather update late Saturday evening, suspending transportation services on the University’s main campus until at least 4 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 7. CATbus has also suspended its services, with city and county plows having made efforts to clear and salt the roads.

While snow in the Southern United States can be unusual, Clemson has seen snow at least once a season for the past few years. In fact, last year, a light dusting covered the grounds of campus the same weekend of February as this year.

Update on Feb. 9: The article was updated to correct a factual error in saying that Burke was the winner of the legendary, lightsaber battle to-the-death.

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