Most would agree that there are many pros and cons that come with online classes and even school in general. There are many positives to take away from the unique experience of virtual learning and there are definitely many negatives. While there are many negative factors, procrastination is without a doubt one of the biggest cons that students seem to be facing. 

If you’re one that would consider yourself a professional procrastinator, then you would probably agree that online classes are a slippery slope that lead to putting off assignments until the last minute, getting behind on pre-recorded lecture notes and pretending like your exam next week is really a month away. The world of virtual learning is nothing like physically going to class. The pressure of abiding by an attendance policy and even being concerned about being called on in class is a huge part of what pushes us as students to not only pay attention to the material we are learning, but is also what makes us interested in it. By having the ability to participate in classes from the comfort of our own beds, we are much less inclined to really immerse ourselves in the learning experience as a whole. It almost seems as if classes are more stressful online because of how easy it is to get behind on the class material. Putting off assignments until the last minute is a lot easier to do when you don’t physically see your professor multiple times a week. All of the added pressure seems to just fall away. When class lectures are pre-recorded, it only makes it ten times easier to procrastinate. We all find ourselves attempting to plan out our weeks and setting aside the time to dedicate to learning from our online lectures. However, since it isn’t mandatory it becomes easier over time to put off taking notes and pretending as if our due dates are far into the future. 

When getting into the full swing of procrastination, it can begin to seem like a never-ending cycle that eventually feels inescapable. However, there are many things that you can do to dig yourself out of the massive hole of approaching due dates and all of the catching up on pre-recorded lectures. Organization is key!! While virtual school and the advancements in technology may seem to be what have gotten all of us procrastinators in this rough spot in the first place, it can also be just what we need to save our semester! Access to virtual calendars, reminder apps and websites, such as Quizlet, are just what you need to get back on the track to academic success. Asking for help from friends, classmates and your professors is always a good idea as well. Everyone is experiencing this strange time that we are in right now, so the odds that someone is willing to help you dig your way out of the procrastination hole you have created are extremely good. 

There is no doubt that online classes are a virtual gateway to procrastination. What would seem like one of the most laid-back times in the world for students has turned into one with an excess amount of stress and the constant worry of falling behind. However, there is hope even for all of us who have been or are steadily becoming the world’s worst procrastinators. With a little bit of hard work, organization and help from those around us who are going through the exact same thing, we will all make it to the other side of this uphill battle we call online classes. 

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