As the spring semester comes to a close and everyone is preparing for summer, there are many factors to be taken into account. Some students may decide to return home, and some may decide to spend their summer in Clemson. Either way, if you have a summer job/internship laid out or plan to take classes this summer, you will  have your hands full. While we would all love to go on a three-and-a-half-month vacation from the responsibilities of work and school, this is just not something that is practical for everyone, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Having a summer job can be the most entertaining/exhausting part of your break and if you plan to take classes on top of this you may quickly feel that you are missing out on what is supposed to be a “break” from your normal life. However, there are many things that you can do to still have fun and enjoy your free time in the midst of a crazy summer schedule.

Having a summer job can come with  many fun perks, and there are so many ways to utilize this time you are spending working and not let the fun of summer pass you by. Whether you work in a restaurant, coffee shop, boutique or maybe have an internship , your coworkers can turn out to be some of your best friends!! Don’t fall under the false impression that just because you are at work, it can’t be entertaining. Especially now when it seems that social contact has been cut off for so long, this is the perfect opportunity to socialize with your coworkers as well as the public that you may be serving. A summer job in times such as these can provide one a “break” in a different way than maybe relaxing on a cruise can . The only downfall of having a summer job is the potential inflexibility in your schedule, and this can be very hard if you are enrolled in summer classes as well. However overall, considering the circumstances, that summer job that you may be dreading could turn out to make your summer the best yet!

When it comes to summer classes, this is a whole different beast to tackle…Coming from experience, they move at a faster pace, can sometimes be hard to follow, and if they are asynchronous, they can slip away from your grasp completely if you don’t stay on top of them. Whether you are taking classes alongside maintaining a summer job or you have decided to just stick with  tackling summer classes, if not done properly this can add much unwanted and unneeded stress to your life in a time that is supposed to be a break! Stay on top of your assignments and try your best not to procrastinate. The due date may seem far away at the time, but the odds are that if you wait until the last minute something will come up with your job or your personal life and you will not have nearly as much time to complete that assignment or study for that exam as you thought you would. Try taking classes that you know you are interested in and will somewhat entertain you. It’s hard to have the ability to pick and choose classes especially if you are down to the wire on classes that you are required to take, but if you can find a way to intentionally choose classes you will enjoy, it will be so much easier to not only make those classes a priority, but to also look back on them as a positive point in your summer break!

Overall, maintaining a summer job and or summer classes can add many obstacles to a time that is supposed to be a break from your everyday life of being a student. However, these experiences will only help you to be better equipped for your future. The odds are that when you are out of college and you are working somewhere, you will not have a whole summer break where you have the luxury of going on vacation or doing nothing. So, these aspects of your summer now that may seem to cramp your style are only preparing you for not only the reality that is to come, but also teach you how to enjoy these aspects of your life and not look at them with dread. So, remember to make friends with coworkers, enjoy your opportunities to be social with others within your job, stay on top of your workload with classes, and maybe even enjoy your classes while finding a new interest within your academic life, because before you know it summer will be over, and we will all be back to the grind soon enough!

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