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To have your opinion piece considered for publication in The Tiger, please use the submission form below or email your piece to Your piece must be original, meaning it has not been published on any other platform, including a personal blog. It must also be approximately 600 to 1,000 words in length. Please link to or provide sources for any facts and/or statistics you use.Not every submission is guaranteed to be published; all content publishes at the discretion of the outlook editor. Op-eds that are deemed libelous or highly offensive will not be published. Content that does not meet our fact-checking and/or editorial standards will not be published either. The Tiger reserves the right to edit content in accordance with our editorial standards. Please write your op-ed on a topic of interest to the Clemson community. We recommend writing about current issues in the news related to Clemson University, the city of Clemson or higher education. Thank you for your interest in the outlook section! If you have any questions, please email