Hendrix Bathroom

Just finished lunch at Schilletter Dining Hall? Feeling like you have to go but don’t know where it is safe? Located just south of the high rises on Bryan Mall, the Hendrix Student Center is a hub for many daily activities here at Clemson. With various spaces for meals, meetings, and movies, Hendrix is the multi-tool of Clemson facilities. As the main floor of the atrium invites students to explore conference rooms, a movie theater and food options such as Subway, Panda Express and Clemson’s own ‘55 Exchange ice cream, it is easy to overlook the simple things in life. Bathrooms.

An essential part of every student’s day is their trip to the bathroom. Whether on the way to class or hiding during an important meeting after a long battle with Chipotle, the third floor bathroom in Hendrix is there to assist you.

“Some students may rave about the bathrooms in the W.A.P. College of Business building or the Watt Family Innovation Center but Hendrix reigns supreme,” Spencer Marchant, a freshman construction science major, says. “The third floor bathroom of Hendrix is loved by all, including Clemson’s faculty. I’ve actually passed by my professors on their way out before class.”

Besides covering your basic necessities such as food and entertainment, Hendrix provides a comforting and relieving experience for all. With its supreme cleanliness and quiet atmosphere, the third floor bathroom of Hendrix has established itself as the top destination for when nature calls.

Address: 720 McMillan Road, Clemson, S.C. 29634


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