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If Clemson were to send a mass email to all of its students, asking them to meet up on a random field to huddle with thousands of total strangers, most of us would just assume that their email got hacked. However, there once was a time that we not only willingly accepted this call, but we made it the highlight of our Saturdays. As far as Clemson traditions go, there is not one we miss more than rushing the field after a win.

The COVID-19 pandemic unsurprisingly gave the axe to our longtime tradition of wrapping our arms around the nearest stranger while singing our alma mater. Even though other lovable traditions such as the ring ceremony, homecoming floats and midnight breakfasts during finals also got cut, rushing the field was especially painful to miss out on this year given that it is one of the most wholesome activities we get to participate in at our school. 

“Rushing the field after a big win for the Clemson Tigers was my favorite way to celebrate,” Olivia Novak, a senior packaging science major, said. “It really showed how supportive we are as Clemson Tigers and as a Clemson family.”

Even though COVID-19 didn’t allow us to come together physically as a school this past year, there is something to be said about how we all came together to support each other through this difficult time. While the pandemic is in no way over yet, and it may be a few seasons before we can sing together at the paw, we can all relish in the fact that even without our physical expressions of school pride, we have made it through this school year, with all of its wins, losses and draws, together.


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