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Wire, wood and leather seats, couches and stools: it seems insane that one coffee shop in small-town Clemson could ever find use for this much seating. However, during a pandemic that has weathered local businesses, All In has had no issue with filling every single chair. With good coffee and an even better atmosphere, it’s no surprise that All In has won Best Coffee Shop.

It’s not uncommon to see students studying or even attending their Zoom classes both inside and on the patio outside of this well-loved coffee shop.

Helen Schmidt, a junior political science and economics major, explained, “The patio is always a nice way to study outdoors and I like their coffee and food selection.” 

The coffee shop also has a smaller but still exciting spread of pastries and other breakfast type foods in addition to their wide array of coffee choices that students and local residents alike enjoy.

A staple of every Clemson student’s collegiate experience, All In is a must visit. Located on Earle Street, this coffee shop is distinguishable by its wooden pillars that frame the front door and hanging flower pots that make that atmosphere perfect for spending time on their patio on a sunny spring morning (or all day, depending on how much studying you have ahead of you). 

Address: 106 Earle St., Clemson, S.C. 29631

Phone: (864) 372-4510

Social Media: allincoffee (FB) @all_in_coffeeshop (IG) @allincoffee (Twitter)


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