COVID Supplier

It would be nice to live in a world where supply chains created COVID-19 protective gear with only the health and well-being of the consumer in mind. Unfortunately, most suppliers’ focus is primarily profit. But do you know who does prioritize health and well-being? Your mom. Over the course of the pandemic, moms have become one of the best resources for stocking up on COVID-19 protective gear. With one mention of a need for a mask, a mom will almost always deliver. Moms are some of the best resources to make sure you not only get a mask, but likely a whole box of them, too, and maybe even a handy travel-size hand sanitizer on the side, if you’re lucky.

“We have to wear masks for club lacrosse, and my mom provided me with all the masks that I use. She gave me a whole packet of masks before I went back to school this semester,” Will Ciccarelli, a junior business management major, said. 

Erin Caughman, a junior political science major, echoed the same support from her mom, saying, “My mom started making cloth masks for church and then started making them for friends and family and giving them out for free. She made them with a lot of different patterns, mostly Clemson patterns. After she helped me move in, she left a bunch at my apartment, and she told me to give the masks out to my friends.” 

Although supply chains can be unreliable and may not have your best interest at heart, moms will almost always be a dependable source for your COVID-19 protective gear needs. (Now call your mother and thank her, would ya?)

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