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In a small town like Clemson, late night bites are hard to come by. Even harder still with the conversion of the on-campus Wendy’s to Pepinos which, while well loved, just isn’t open late enough for that 1:30 a.m. post-late-night-studying craving. When it’s getting late and you just have to eat something to fill your stomach since you’ve spent so long feeding your brain, Clemson students agree that Cook Out is your best option.

Practically the entire nation knows about Cook Out: quick and easy American food for any time of day. Those from bigger cities probably have vague memories of passing by a Cook Out at 11 p.m. at night or later with cars still filling the parking lot and even more wrapped around the drive-through line.

One student, Ridhi Chauby, a junior mechanical engineering major, recalled one trip to Cook Out, saying “I broke three months of vegetarianism, drunk, in a Cook Out, at 2 a.m. after walking all the way to AGR for a very disappointing party.”  Another student, Robert Morris, a junior computer science major, who takes trips to Cook Out when he needs food, but hasn’t gone grocery shopping, noted that Cook Out is open later than Chick-fil-A, is cheaper, and has “a lot of milkshake flavors.”

All of this makes Cook Out one of the most uncontested victors for late night eats at Clemson.


Address: 1055 Tiger Blvd, Clemson, SC 2963

Phone: (864) 653-5314


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