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For the past three and a half years, Trevor Lawrence has created footsteps at Death Valley that surely will be difficult, if not impossible, to follow. From his very first game-day entrance in the fall of 2018, until his last few hours of wearing number 16 in orange and purple on New Year’s Day, Trevor Lawrence has won the respect and admiration of not only Clemson fans and students, but of Americans nationwide. 

Head Coach Dabo Swinney and Lawrence have built an unparalleled connection, which has grown to be the epitome of a head coach-quarterback relationship. After many months of battling together on Saturdays in the fall and then in the offseason, Dabo has nothing but the greatest respect and commendation for his former star quarterback. In a conference covered by Owen Watterson from mid-February, Dabo highlights some of Trevor’s most laudable qualities. 

He points out that “it’s the immeasurables. It’s those intangibles that really make him special, and you know he’s just a great young man, first of all. He’s been in the spotlight for a long time. Since the ninth grade, you know everywhere he’s traveled he’s been Trevor Lawrence and he has this huge presence. He’s 34-2 as a starter and he never lost a home game, he never lost a road game. His two losses were in neutral field games. He’s an incredible winner.” 

Without any opposition from the college community, Trevor Lawrence has earned the title of this year’s Best Male Athlete.

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