How do Clemson students spend their Friday nights these days? Well, for most of us, it’s at our own apartment. Due to the pandemic, many students have been choosing to spend nights at home rather than going out. Although everyone loves a good night downtown, the current circumstances make that a little difficult. But not to fear, there’s plenty you can do at home. Whether it’s trying a new recipe that’s been circulating on the internet, having a board game night with your friends or working on a new hobby you acquired during quarantine, there’s nothing like the comfort of your own apartment in a time like this. 

“Most nights this year consist of getting takeout from a nearby restaurant and hanging out, watching TV or playing video games with my roommates,” Devin Narula, a sophomore computer science and math double major says. What could be better than good food and friends? 

For some of us, it is not so easy to spend time with others in person because they may be quarantining at home. This is where technology comes in, giving us so many options for hanging with your friends who could be miles away from you. You and your friends could host a virtual game night or have a bake-off on Zoom. Some other fun ideas include online karaoke or watching movies together. The possibilities are endless, and regardless of the current circumstances, there are always ways to spend time with the people close to us. Sure, staying in instead of going out might be the new normal for a while, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable. With some good company and something you and your friends enjoy doing together, you can have the perfect night in. 


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