Douthit Hills. 

Douthit Hills is Clemson’s newest on-campus housing complex, and easily won best on-campus living option in Clemson. The area is split between Douthit West for upperclassman housing and Douthit East with freshman housing. Located across the street from President Jim Clements’ house, Douthit Hills added much needed housing to the university when it opened for the fall 2018 semester. Situated between the two communities is the Community Hub, Starbucks and the

Clemson University bookstore.

Douthit East features traditional style dorm rooms with two students per room. Each of the three buildings feature a communal kitchen on the first floor. Like Gressette Hall on west campus, Douthit East features wet core style bathrooms,  which Clemson Home describes as “clusters of semi-private bathrooms including a toilet, sink and shower behind a locking door.” Laundry machines are available in each building.

Four buildings compose the upperclassman community at Douthit West. With four different types of rooms, (single, double, efficiency quad and full kitchen quad) there’s an apartment style for every type of Clemson student at Douthit West. Like all other apartment style dorms on Clemson’s campus, the bathrooms are in-unit. However, unlike the Calhoun Courts, Douthit West also features in-unit washers and dryers, allowing residents to do laundry from the comfort of their own apartment.

Address: 110 Cherry Rd, Clemson, S.C. 29631

Social Media: @cu_douthiteast and @cu_douthitwest (IG)

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