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Despite its background, the Main Building (Tillman Hall), also known as Old Main, serves as one of the most easily recognizable landmarks on Clemson campus. Perched next to Bowman Field, passerby often see graduates taking pictures in their gowns. It’s a great way to show off campus at a location other than the stadium or library.

Kassie Cowles, a senior psychology student, says that Old Main is “The easiest to park next to and lighting won’t be a problem no matter the time of day.” 

Old Main is a great place to go get pictures taken, and whether or not the pictures are  for your graduation, they’re sure to turn out great. Old Main plays host to a number of uses other than a great photo op. It is home to an auditorium, chapel, classrooms and a brief history of Clemson University inside. 

While walking on campus, students can hear the sounds of the Old Main carillon bells. Whether the bells are playing holiday songs or the Mario theme, they’re sure to brighten up your walk to class.

In addition to being renowned for its picturesque appearance and iconic tunes, Old Main is also known for its complex history. After the Board of Trustees sought to rename Tillman Hall to Main Building in June 2020, the building’s name has yet to be officially changed by state legislature. Still, while the knowledge and name surrounding the most iconic sight on Clemson’s campus continues to evolve, students will always know where to go for those coveted graduation pictures.



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