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Are you in the mood for a quick, tasty meal for lunch between classes? Groucho’s Deli has been serving delicious sandwiches since 1941 and is well-known for their signature Formula 45 sauce. If you’re looking for a hot ham sandwich or a cold turkey sub, Groucho’s is the perfect place to go.

Looking for a vegetarian meal? No problem — Groucho’s classics like the Caprese sandwich, Baby Bella Melt, or Veggie Italian sub will be the hearty lunch you’re looking for.

Brendan Thompson, a senior finance major, is constantly raving over Groucho’s famous STP Dipper, their most popular sandwich.

“It’s the perfect blend of meat and cheese, making my day a million times better every time I go. Groucho’s is way too convenient to pass up.”

Groucho’s is located downtown, nestled between the Earle apartment complex and Insomnia cookies - only a five minute walk from Clemson’s campus! The welcoming atmosphere makes it a perfect place to enjoy a nice lunch while working on homework, spending time with friends or relaxing under the sun. Visit Groucho’s to experience their famous Apollo sandwiches yourself and figure out what every Clemson student is excited about.

Address: 104 Fendley St., Clemson, S.C. 29631

Phone: (864) 653-7764

Social Media: @grouchosclemson (IG, Twitter)

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