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Whether you need a silent space to complete an exam or a place to meet for a group project, Cooper Library has got Clemson students. Cooper Library has six floors, each one with a different study vibes. The top floor is a great place to meet with friends and chat quietly while getting work done, while the bottom floor, which bans speaking, is perfect for silent studyers.

Need a pick-me-up? During a normal year, Cooper has a Starbucks on the fifth floor, perfect for exam-week cram sessions. With hanging lights and the smell of coffee, the corner of the library is a cozy place to get work done. You can also grab a snack in the P.O.D. on the fourth floor of Cooper. This semester, though, you’ll have to bring your own study snacks, as these stops are closed due to COVID-19.

Studying in Cooper also makes it easy to print and scan documents, as well as take advantage of the Adobe studio and other creative spaces. Of course, you can also find and check out books or ask a librarian for help.

COVID-19 has made it so students can’t just walk into their favorite study space. If you need to get out of your dorm or need a quiet place on campus to study, you can go to the Clemson Libraries website to register for an appointment. 

Address: 116 Sigma Dr., Clemson, SC 29634

Phone: (864) 656-1557

Social Media: @clemsonlibraries (FB and IG) @clemsonlibrary (Twitter)



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