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There are countless TikTok trends, audios and dances that have caught the attention of members of the Clemson family, but there is one moment that truly stands out to Tigers everywhere. Emily Yarid, a recently graduated mechanical engineering major, downloaded TikTok in March of 2020. Nearly a year later, she has gone viral and is best known for 3-D printing her own custom Iron Man suits. 

Yarid’s fame steadily grew over the fall of 2020, making her last semester at Clemson a memorable one. In fact, during her graduation ceremony, one of her TikToks showing behind-the-scenes footage of her latest suit soared to even greater heights. 

“I posted [the TikTok] two hours before my graduation ceremony, and…by the time I was out of the ceremony, it was on the verge of hitting 2-3 million views,” Yarid said in an interview with The Tiger. “Over the course of the next 24 hours, it made it up to 15-20 million views, and now, it has over 60 million views. The timing of the video blowing up was absolutely insane, and I honestly almost forgot about the fact that I had graduated!”

Yarid’s follower count, which tripled following her graduation, has now grown to 2.4 million. She may no longer be a Clemson student, but Yarid is an excellent example of all the amazing things Clemson students and alumni can achieve. Following an appearance on “Good Morning America” in January 2021, Yarid’s TikTok continues to grow, so check out her most recent projects!

Website: https://www.tiktok.com/@emily.the.engineer?lang=en


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