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        Clemson University boasts a large and diverse student body with people from countless different backgrounds each with their own unique experiences. While every student has their own story and each person brings something special to Clemson, the student body clearly believes that one type of student stands out among the rest. Whether it is because they have had more time at Clemson or more of them know about our “Best of Clemson” issue and voted for themselves, the people have spoken and they are praising the upperclassmen.

Upperclassmen have been at Clemson for longer than their underclassmen counterparts and with that comes a different mindset and appreciation for the university. The tribal knowledge that upperclassmen have lets them know all the best stops downtown, how to get the best seats at home football games and all the other secrets we’re not going to spoil here. Upperclassmen also get the benefit of earlier time slots during class registration, which allows them a greater chance of getting the best classes, professors and times.

When asked what makes upperclassmen the best type of students, Ansley Merritt, a senior graphic communications student, says, “The experience, school and work wise, that they gain throughout [their] years as a student. You gain confidence in your skills through your mistakes and in turn we get to help underclassmen navigate their way through theirs.”

Legitimate and believed superiorities aside, upperclassmen do provide a staple role in Clemson’s student body as role models and leaders for incoming students that have yet to truly experience everything that Clemson has to offer.


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