Clemson rugby: the Tigers' newest hope

The Clemson Tigers have had a rough fall season. After the football team fell to the NC State Wolfpack on Saturday, and Pittsburgh defeated Clemson men’s soccer in a 2-0 shutout, many students are feeling lost and unsure where to place their ample school spirit.  

Well, look no further! Men’s rugby is ready to fill this hole. The team is currently undefeated in their first four games of the season and by no small margin. The Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide 43-0 on Sept. 18 and avenged the bruised egos of the football team with a 36-3 victory over the Georgia Bulldogs on Sept. 25. 

Freshman forward Cole Frank talked about his team and said, “We are a pretty tight knit group of players and we all are united under the same goal of winning.” According to Frank, “We all have responsibilities on the field and we are able to hold each other accountable to those responsibilities... this puts us in the best position to win each week. We have won our first 3 games and have no intentions of losing a game this season.” 

The club rugby team boasts an impressive roster of experienced returning players and some promising rookies. Although the sport is incredibly demanding, the hard work has paid off as Clemson is currently ranked as one of the top college programs for rugby in the nation. 

Come out to support the Tigers against Kennesaw State on Oct. 9, University of South Carolina on Oct. 23 and University of Kentucky on Nov. 6. 

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