The Clemson soccer program, both men’s and women’s, have established themselves as one of the premier programs in the nation with their performances on the field in recent years. As both teams enter the 2020 season ranked in the top five nationally, the Tigers have taken a big step toward sustaining that success with the unveiling of their new Soccer Operations Complex last month. The 13,000 square foot complex will become the new home for both Clemson soccer teams, giving them perhaps the most luxurious dedicated soccer facility in the country.

The complex is equipped with new state-of-the-art locker rooms, training rooms and film rooms. All of the trophies and awards the programs have earned in recent years are displayed throughout the facility, with plenty of room set aside for future additions. The facility honors its former players with jerseys of players that have gone to professional leagues. Lounge areas are stocked with multiple flat screen TVs, and the complex is conveniently located next to the practice fields. 

After the Clemson football team unveiled their 55 million dollar complex in 2017, the program saw its consistent success quickly become national dominance. Aside from providing all the amenities a player could need to improve their game, the facility became a focal point for recruitment. All of the best players from around the country wanted to come play at Clemson, because hey, who doesn’t want to hang out in a facility that has a slide, mini golf and bowling alleys? 

After Clemson unveiled their football facility and saw their program grow stronger as a result, other universities took notice. LSU unveiled a 28 million dollar locker room upgrade in 2019, Georgia has approved a new 80 million dollar facility and Florida has approved an 85 million dollar plan, to name a few. Other universities have thrown money into their football facilities, in a modern day “Keeping Up with the Jones’” affair. With the eight-million dollar soccer complex, Clemson is looking to stay ahead of the curve. As if there weren’t enough reasons to join one of the most prolific and prominent programs in the country, the new soccer facility has only added to the long list of reasons why incoming players should choose to be a part of the Tiger family. 

As both the men’s and women’s teams enter the most difficult stretches in their regular season schedules, the teams are hoping the new facility can pay dividends right away. The men’s team is currently 2-0 with games against North Carolina, Wake Forest and Duke all coming in the next week. The women’s team is coming off two tough losses to top 15 teams, North Carolina and Duke, but will look to respond against Wake Forest and Notre Dame this week. 

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