Lawrence Pro Day

Trevor Lawrence shows his mobility while completing a throw on the run. Urban Meyer (left) and Dabo Swinney (right) have an extensive conversation at Lawrence’s Pro Day. 

On Friday, Feb. 12, 2021, the predicted number one pick in this year’s NFL Draft, Trevor Lawerence, held his pro day at Clemson’s Poe Indoor Facility. At his Pro Day, representatives from 17 different franchises, including head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Urban Meyer, were in attendance. During the Pro Day, Lawrence performed a set of passing drills and had his measurables taken.

Lawrence’s measurements went nearly as expected as he weighed in at 213 pounds, 6 feet 5 ⅝ inches, had a 10-inch hand size, and a wingspan of 78 ¼ inches. Although he weighed in 15 pounds less than most assumed, it is understandable since he hasn’t worked out much with his left torn labrum. His numbers compared well with last year’s number six pick in the NFL Draft, Justin Herbert, who just won AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year.

After his measurements were taken, NFL trainer, Jordan Palmer, directed Lawrence through a series of passing drills to showcase his arm and mobility. Lawrence was able to throw 52 passes to his receivers, Cornell Powell, Charone Peake and others, as they ran the complete route tree. Despite a few incompletions and drops, Lawrence was able to have a nearly flawless performance as he was able to demonstrate his incredible touch, accuracy, arm strength and mobility. His deep ball was also impressive as he only had one overthrow on streaks, fades and posts. Added, Lawrence cleared up any questions people had about his “accuracy issues” as he only threw six incompletions to his receivers. Furthermore, Lawrence showed impressive touch on every throw, making it an easy pass to catch for any receiver.

According to NFL Network analyst Steve Smith Sr., “He is throwing a great wide receiver throw.” Smith continued to say that Lawrence’s passes will allow the receiver to have many opportunities for yards after the catch.

The only thing that Lawrence seemed to struggle with during his Pro Day was his accuracy on passes near the sideline and end line. He led his receiver out of bounds on multiple occasions, which made it hard for them to get two feet down for the completion. This shouldn’t be something to worry about though since he could do well with ball placement near the out-of-bounds line in games.

Overall, Trevor Lawrence put together a seemingly perfect Pro Day, which will cement him as the presumptive number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Added, Lawrence had successful surgery on his labrum on Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021, and will be fully healthy as the NFL Training Camp rolls around.

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